Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ceepy n Mandy

Long time back I had watched a documentary on a girl n her best pal Ceepy. I do not remember d girl's name but I do remember n can clearly visualize Ceepy. Why? Because it wasn't a dog or a cat or a rabbit. It was a leopard. Yes, a wild leopard. So was d relation between this girl n Ceepy - wild. I would call it 'wild' because they were tempestuous, lawless, out of control and passionately desirous to be with each other.

For our convenience, let us name this girl Mandy and her father Nicholson. Mandy wouldn't go to High school in d city as it meant going away from Ceepy. She wouldn't even go with d boy who loved her most as she couldn't love anyone above Ceepy. Her father was a forest officer. He was mostly posted in d safaris or sanctuaries. He didn't wish same kind of life for his only daughter. At d same time he knew that his little girl can never be tamed forcibly. This was because she grew up with Ceepy, a wild cat, a leopard whom he had found wounded.

This little cub had lost its mother when it was just a few weeks old. So, Mr.Nicholson took this cub home and named it Ceepy. Mandy n Ceepy started growing up together in d wilderness. All d time they would make whoopee giving free reign to their recklessness. Both were d children of nature in their original state; regardless of any consequences n danger when they were together.But d fact always lingered in d hearts of all that both belonged to separate n extremely contrary worlds.Both of them had conspicuously striking differences. How long will this contrasting relation survive?

Mr.Nicholson knew that it wouldn't b easy to convince Mandy to let go Ceepy. But he needed to try. One fine morning, when Ceepy wasn't around Mandy, Mr.Nicholson went to his daughter's room. He told Mandy that her love n possessiveness is proving to be detrimental for Ceepy. She must set it free in its natural habitat. Mandy was upset. She loved Ceepy. But she could now, however, realize that her love for Ceepy is a hindrance for Ceepy to grow naturally with all its power that it has been blessed with. There was a turbulent war going on between her mind and her heart. She started running until she was tired. She laid straight with stomach touching d ground. She wept hard. How could she separate herself from her only companion? Ceepy was her world.She could never think of anything beyond Ceepy. Back at home all were worried as they couldn't find Mandy anywhere. She was fer from home. She had no home without Ceepy. It was only Ceepy who knew where its childhood companion would possibly be. So, Ceepy started running with an impatience of a lover to meet its beloved n to whisper those magical words in her ear that "everything will b fine." Mandy was wholly unaware of Ceepy's arrival. Ceepy stopped at her feet n swiftly slept over her covering her entire body from head to toe in order to express mutual sadness. Mandy felt d warmth of a true friend's giant hug. This was d scene which never disappeared from my memory. It was extremely soulful n rare. It struck d deepest chords of my heart.

In order to adjust to its habitat, Ceepy needed to be introduced first to the wild environment and its different twists n turns. Mandy n her boy friend Jack, took Ceepy along with them to d barren sandy hills beautified with thorny plants n frequented by deadly poisonous snakes like crates n cobras. They set d tent soon as it was getting dark. They needed sound sleep for d following day would be real tough for all of them, especially Mandy n Ceepy. Jack n Mandy slept inside d tent while Ceepy slept outside - a kind of arrangement these soul mates never experienced. After a while when Jack got up , he found to his horror that Ceepy n Mandy were on d same bed, snoring to glory.

The morning sun calmly peeped in to wake them up. Three of them started exploring the vast area over-powered by a mysterious loneliness. Ceepy seemed to enjoy d day-out. Soon he got excited n started behaving like an inquisitive child. Ceepy suddenly stood still. It was d deadly crate. Poor Ceepy, inexperienced n comletely unaware of d danger, it extended its nose towards d devil so as to discover what it was. D crate stung it n slowly creeped inside a hole. Ceepy fell on d rough barren ground n fainted... Everything stood stand still. Mandy's heart missed a beat. Ceepy laid peacefully there as if sleeping after a long tiring day. N then erupted a loud shrill cry direct from Mandy's heart that seemed to echo all over d hills.

Ceepy was brought to its home. The vet said that it was a snake bite. Chances of survival were meager. All arguments regarding Mandy's future n every logic regarding Ceepy's future didn't hold any ground now for Ceepy was to die. All problems solved. No further discussions required. Mandy packed her luggage with heavy heart to leave for High school in d city. All smiles, laughter, joy of togetherness vanished in d thin air with Ceepy's deteriorating ill-health. Luggages were loaded in d van. Mandy sat at d back seat by d window, looking aimlessly on d ground with swollen red eyes still soaked in tears.

D wheels started rolling. Mandy's stone-like eye-balls were fixed, not looking at anything yet looking at something. All of a sudden, something seemed to catch her eyes... it was Ceepy running behind d van to catch it. Mandy first believed d sight in disbelief. But soon she felt her heart throbbing out. It was an eager joyous moment for Mandy.She started screaming "Ceepy,Ceepy..." She demanded to stop d van right away. D driver did not have d courage to go against her wishes because her voice had d stoic decisiveness of an avant garde n d wildness of a predator. It's a perilous amalgamation. The van stopped instantaniously. Mandy sprang out of it. Both Ceepy n Mandy collide against each other's arms. Their happiness knew no bounds. The thorny plants appeared to transform into plants of showy lovely fowers. After the heart-warming n cheering embrace both of them started running aimlessly.All that mattered was their togetherness, their sense of wholeness in each other's company. Finally they reached their favorite spot under a tree which always soothed them from distressing emotional state under its serene shadow.

Ceepy n Mandy sat there engaged in invisible conversation watching d sun sinking slowly in d infinite edge where d sky appears to bend down so as to embrace its beloved. It's a very odd situation where though it seems that they r in unison, they can actually never b so ever. D friendship between Ceepy and Mandy was exceptional. Never was this kind of bond explored before that of Ceepy n Mandy.

The documentary ended on a thought-provoking note, that is, it took centuries to domesticate the wolves into will take few more to tame d predators....


  1. It's a very great n touching story. Especially the last but one para is very expressive n the comparison drawn between Mandy n Ceepy with d sky n d earth is befitting. KEEP IT UP. KEEP BLOGGING.