Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Compositions...

Poetry Of Love

"I sat down to write a few words to you,
And started advancing on the pages of a beautiful book of poetry;
Hardly did I find the words ,
With which I could address thee.

Scarcely did they suffice my feelings,
Which is solely mine for thee;
And then I realized the unspoken and unseen truth that...
My love for you is beyond poetry".


Essence of Blue Riband Friendship

"When I first fell among the stars,
I was of no fixed abode,
Vacillating steps advanced in the realm of allies,
But none could hold my heart.

The sense of want could no one quench,
Until, in the nick of time,
You came, my friend.

With you I discovered the true essence of friendship.
Fondness we shared,
Jokes we cracked,
You lent your hands,
No matter what.

Then there was a time
When we fell apart,
Some catastrophic forces
Pierced our hearts.

The nervy birds could no more sing,
The gloomy flowers could no more bloom;
The dusk of life was growing dim,
Without the stars and the moon.
The tempest reigned with all its might,
Leaving no one to bid adios to the night.

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
With the dawn came rejuvenation;
Recharged hopes and desires were in sight,
Some renewed strides to set things right.

Time tried us hard,
I wish I could undo the past,
When we were hurt.
Here I am today
With sincerest apology and genuine tears,
Pardon me my friend,
We live in deeds and not in years.

The old idiom may be hackneyed-
"A friend in need is a friend indeed",
You're a true friend indeed,
Coz you were there whenever I was in need.

And now...
When, among the stars,
I have a fixed abode,
You hold an eminent place;
With each change of calendar
Rising above others;

Now,I have a friend at court,
For which I thank my lord.
May He bestow upon you,
All that your heart desires,
Diminish your worries and
Escort you against all odds".


Utopia of love!!!

"I know not what it means,
My friends say, it's 'love'.
It's a divine feeling beyond the barriers of time and place
He is the One in my life by God's grace.

He is the man of my heart's desire:
Who runs in my veins,
Who's in the air I breathe, making me breathless,
Whose image my countenance doth reflect,
In my heart he reigns.

He is more than myself:
Whose dreams make my time fleet,
Whose each word is a panacea,
Whose mere thoughts make me shiver,
Whose iniquity with love I greet.

To posses with satisfaction and delight
Our conjugal rights;
To take care of his parents,
To rear his child;
Is the only wish of my life.

I won't mind if I'm called a love-struck fool,
Love knows no boundaries, no rules.
It's a feeling solely mine, which,
I don't wish to impose,
In the utopia, my love doth repose.

I love him more than myself,
And I don't know why,
To tell you the fact my friend...
He's not mine".


Lovey Dovey Love

Sometimes I wonder what a darn thing Love is!
Is it a boon or a bane?
Is it a thing to be proud of?
Or something insane?

We spend our lives searching for this love;
And most of us meet failure.
Lucky are those who find It finally,
And those, whose love is reciprocated equally.

I don't know what I'll do
If some day I find this Love;
Perhaps I'll swoon on the impulse of the moment,
Or fly high like a dove.


Desperate love...

" I'm falling in love with you,
don't you understand?
perhaps, you don't.
For I'm not the one for you.

O! How they warned this fool
Not to dream for the moon;
For high winds blow on high hills.
But isn't this true that 'black will take no other hue' ?

I belong to you,
Don't you understand?
Just hold me close to you tonight,
and whisper the words I need to hear;
Don't be late to decide our fate,
Coz once I go, I'll be gone forever,
Never to return to your life again,
Never ever..."


You Are The One

" The love of my life
Yes you are the one.
Today i confess to the moon and to the sun.
With you by my side my tears can't hide,
With you by my side my fears lay aside.
Never felt the way I feel today,
Ah! I'm in your arms,
I won't mind, even if I die today. "


I Love You

" Why do I love thee?
Why should I love thee?
O how much do I love thee!
When didn't I love thee?

All I know is that,
My joys and sorrows are woven together with you.
You are made for me
And I'm made for you.

The only answer to all these arising questions in my heart is,
'I Love You' from time immemorial,
Today, tomorrow and ever after.
Need I say more?


Beyond Oblivion's Curse!

When the life cuts like a knife,
When the loved ones let you down,
When the friends leave you alone
Think of me.
In the face of heavy odds,
When your sweet smile turns to woe,

When nothing makes you feel better,
Just think of me.

When while walking on the road,
You feel sad and lost, detached from all,
Dear, just think of me.
Coz I'll be there anytime and everywhere,
To whisper the two magical words-
"Don't Worry".

You can still count on me as you did before,
And I promise,
I'll love you forever and never let you down,
Just like I did before.

With the passage of time when you grow old,
Even then I'll stay by your side.
For I'm now a spirit,
Have no body or form
Free from oblivion's curse.

All I have is the eternal bond of love,
Which some day I had shared with you
In bodily form.
No regrets!

We were two yet we were one then,
Like the rose and its fragrance;
I will wait for you,
Like the sea waits for the river,
To blend together in paradise of love,
To enjoy the life of eternity,
Forever, ever, and ever after.


On the rampage

"The only word we hear today is "Problem".
Students' problem, Teachers' problem,
Children problem, Parents' problem,
Career problem, Job problem.
Man! Why this problem?
The world is at disaster's end,
Devoid of value, devoid of virtue,
Alas! We stand on the rampage".


God's will be Done

Man proposes, God disposes,
That's what people say;
But don't you believe in this gospel,
"Believe in", that's what do I say.

Life is full of hurdles friend,
Yes, that's what people say;
But don't you believe in this maxim,
"Walk on", that's what do I say.

A Roland for an Orlando,
That's what people say;
But don't you believe in this idiom,
"Love all", that's what do I say.

Man proposes, God disposes,
That's what people say;
"God's will be done",
This is what I mean to say.


Hollow friendship

To enter in life, capture the life,
And then make a noiseless departure from life,
Perhaps, this is love.


To vanish in thin air,
Dodge off all that we shared,
Perhaps, this is love.


To plant a green plant in a sandy soil,
And then water it for winters,
Perhaps, this is love.


What a fool I am,
Couldn't learn the worldly ways,
Selfishness and avarice reign the place,
For the rampage is their domain.

I'm on a brink where all reasons fail,
Mail me buddy,
I request you again and again.


On your First Birthday

O dear! O my dear! O my heart's darling!

You are a wonder, or an angel, with your eyes twinkling.

Cute cupid curve, eyes like doe, O you are so charming!
You move like penguin, when you're dancing,
Sound like cuckoo, when you're singing.

You came on earth, filled with mirth, all inane things existing,
Your divine smile, touch with life, on whatever it's shining.

May you get, what you wish, or your heart's desiring,
What is sun, stars or moon, all are receding,
O dear! O my dear! You are His darling!

That's all folks! Be happy. God Bless!

Hope you have liked and enjoyed reading my poems written in my adolescence.

Promise to catch you soon ...


  1. The poems of love written in perceptions and reflections are really very touchy and beautiful..

  2. Really touchy! And I've felt the same when we wr in lv.Also, ur writing style is very good.Keep it up.Keep posting and blogging.

  3. the only word which I can say as a reply for the person whose perceptions and reflections has filled my heart...!!

  4. Thank you so much boudi. It means so much to me.