Saturday, March 9, 2013

Amittabh Shah- Yuva Unstoppable

"The Joy of Giving"!

Some people do express indebtedness and gratitude in their own special way. Amitabh Shah, the founder member of ' Yuva Unstoppable' , is one such person. During his stay in the US for 10 long years, it was his visit to his old nanny Kamlaben in India, who was being mistreated by her children, that gave the revolutionary idea of building a notion of selfless Yuva-ites to give the needy their share of happiness, a sense of direction and therefore direction.

Amitabh declined his scholarship in Texas, turned down the quarter million dollar offer from Wall Street on J P Morganafter he finished his MBA from Yale to start Yuva. Isn't this extra-ordinary that five years ago a boy in his early 20s eschewed all his youthful dreams n desires in order to help the under privileged? Or perhaps this revolutionary humanitarian mission is his youthful dream n desire.

Today Yuva Unstoppable is celebrating its foundation day with ex-President A P J Abdul Kalam. Amitabh Shah started Yuva Unstoppable with four members and today there are 60,000 volunteers across 30 cities reaching out 1.5 lakh children. By 2015 there will be 50 lakh Yuva-ites globally impacting 1.5 crore children. According to Amitabh Yuva is a thought not an organization and believes that any youth doing an act of kindness is a Yuva-ite.
Amitabh's vision and passionate mission has ushered a revolution in the 21st century. He has provided a ray of hope amidst terror and violence. Our mother earth needs kind volunteers who can pave the right way for the current generation.

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