Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are You A Living Magnet?

Have you ever pondered upon the fact how selfish and self centered people have become over the period of time? People don't seem to see anything beyond their interests. If husband doesn't give quality time to his family, he can always very easily escape by telling what a troublesome time he's going through because of his authoritative boss in office, or his promotion issues, because of the loans that he has taken for his house or car, pending payment of policy for the kids, etc. After which, the family can't demand any time from him anymore. But when he plays his favorite sports like squash, golf or tennis; when he plays his favorite instrument like guitar or flute; when he reads newspaper , watches his favorite program on television; when he downloads movies, songs or checks mails and chats with friends over the computer, when he is with his friends and yapping to glory over the phone, does he, even for a moment, think of those problems that he used as cushions to escape from his duties towards his family? Nope. Why? His life is compartmentalized, where the family is not spared a room.

Staying at home on holidays or spending more time at home doesn't matter.What really matters is the quality time given to your family. Helping your spouse with the drudgery of household work, playing with your kids without the remote control or any such device in your hand, taking genuine interest in the interests of your family is all that is required to have a happy and peaceful life in the real sense of the term. It's the ultimate goal for which one has to aspire and persevere. After all, all of us word hard for the betterment of our family as a whole.

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